Schools can be exciting, creative places to learn!

At edudigi we are bringing the benefits of digital media to schools and colleges.

The successful introduction of digital media into a school transforms the learning environment.
Within weeks, every pupil, every member of staff, every class and, of course, the school itself can have a TV Station, Radio Station, Photographic Gallery, Newspaper, Virtual Learning Environment and more!

Imagine – every pupil able to share their own work, being able to work with others through a simple yet powerful framework that encourages collaboration.

Imagine the investigation, the writing, the ICT skills, the planning that go into creating a programme. Imagine the opportunities for cross-curricular and work related learning.

Imagine delivery of Every Child Matters in a way that makes sense to your school, to staff, parents and – most importantly – the pupils.

"The impact on pupils’ learning has been immediate – the selected ‘TV crew’ are already demonstrating high level technical and communication skills. They are evaluating their own and other schools’ work – this is peer evaluation and collaboration at its best and pupil voice in practice." Carole Carroll, Headteacher, Rift House Primary School

New technologies are powerful vehicles for learning – empowering pupils and staff to transform teaching and
learning in inspiring and innovative ways. Internet technology allows pupils and staff to work when and where they want, lets parents and stakeholders see inside the school and engage in education.
Throw in rich, digital media and you have a recipe for transforming the way that schools work, live and breathe.
Technology can successfully deliver educational benefits. Deployed well, it motivates and enables pupils to deliver their best.

"The chance for students to work with cutting edge technology has captivated the whole school. We have a queue of children and adults wanting to be trained to work with the project." Nick Strong, Y5/6 Teacher, Hart Primary

Edudigi has developed technology that delivers these benefits in a safe and reliable way. Through the Primary Channel, we deliver a comprehensive media creation, collaboration and distribution service to schools. We use the Internet and schools existing data cabling, whiteboards and PC (or Mac) equipment to keep costs to an absolute minimum. We advise (or can supply) the right cameras, microphones and other equipment you will need and we provide comprehensive, structured training, delivered by CRB checked media professionals, to staff and pupils to get you started and keep you going.

Safety is vitally important and is assured. Access to the system is rigorously controlled and pupils (and their work) are safeguarded at all times. Work created by pupils and staff is entirely under their control and they decide who gets to see or use it. Material on the site only comes from schools or us so its suitability is governed at source.

Create, Communicate, Collaborate!

  • Simple, effective, low-cost way to introduce digital media to your school
  • Full package of training, equipment, advice and support available
  •  TV and radio station for every child
  • Transforms the education environment
  • Engages pupils, parents and others in the life of the school
  • Promotes  team-working and fosters collaboration
Schools are currently using our platform to:

  • Create weekly TV news programmes broadcast around the school, to other schools and parents
  • Collaborate on learning projects (eg; Road Safety, Healthy Eating) that result in TV and radio programmes, blogs and mixed media work
  • Keep in touch with partner schools around the corner and around the globe
  • Record radio and TV dramas written and performed in school
  • Deliver cross-curricular learning
  • Celebrate and share successes and achievements
  • Enrol parents in their child’s learning
  • Publish school and class news

If you would like to receive further information or attend one of our showcase or introduction events please register your interest at theprimarychannel contact page or contact us by phone or email - our contact details are on the right.



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